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Our new products category is just what you would think – lots of new products. We start with the 7-7/8 inch metal clock dials. This is a size that we discontinued some time ago, but have re-introduced because of customer requests.

Reverse Movement

The reverse clock dials and movement are really unique. Also known as "Barbershop Clocks", the appear perfectly normal when viewed in a mirror. This reverse movement is also a high torque MVT, so it can be used with our wall mounting cup and 4 inch adhesive back numbers to create a large wall clock that keeps accurate time, but runs backwards.

The 14 inch Brushed Metal Modern Wall Clock with Auto Set motor is a welcome addition to our line. Perfect for people who just want to buy an attractive modern clock that's assembled and ready to go. The Auto Set movements ensures the proper time changes for Daylight Savings Time in the Spring and Fall.

Wood and Metal Wall Clocks

The 12 inch Classic Wood Wall Clock is a welcome addition to almost any décor. The wood frame has a rich mahogany finish and the amazing Auto Set MVT means you never have to take the clock off the wall to adjust for Daylight SavingsTime. The Auto Set MVT does it automatically.

Our 14 inch Grande Wall Clock with Auto Set Motor is a full size easy to read clock at an ecomomical price. The actual clock dial is nearly 12 inches in diameter and easy to read from across the room. The Auto Set MVT insures consistantly accurate time even with the Spring and Fall changes for Daylight Savings time.

We even have an electric version of our 14" Brushed Metal Modern Wall Clock with Auto Set motor. It's the same with the Electric 12 inch Classic Wood Wall Clock and the14 inch Grande Wall Clock, these electric Auto Set versions are perfect for people who never want to change batteries and prefer a "plug in" type of MVT.

The DIGITAL ATOMIC CLOCK with Thermometer, and JUMBO Multi Function Atomic LCD Clock are contemporary additions to our line for people of prefer and digital timepiece. Automatically resets for Daylight Savings Time in the Spring and Fall.

Replacement Movement

The American Made Press-On Motor with No Threaded Shaft is perfect for replacing very short shaft movements with small hands. The entire length of the press-on shaft is ¼ of an inch total length. MVT price includes a choice of 1-1/4 inch and 1-3/8 inch clock hands.

An electric version of our USA Auto Set MVT was a natural extension for us. Responding to customer requests, we now have an "electric" version that can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. It's great for applications in older homes that are already wired for electric clocks. No more changing batteries!

The Mounting Cup Kits is just what you need for making large wall clocks. It includes the wall mounting cup, high torque movement and 10 inch black hands.

Large Novelty Clock

Our Photo Frame Kit has been a huge hit! Now, with our Do it Yourself Photo Frame Software you can instantly take your images and download them into our software, customize the look into our template and cut them out. We provide clear and simple instructions to make this process fun and easy! has taken craft making to the next level with its Do it Yourself Clock Software. We have designed an easy and effective way to take the image of your choice and instantly transform it into the clock of your dreams, using our 10" Plastic Wall Clock Kit. We provide everything needed including easy instructions to follow.

Antique looking clocks are all the rage today. See our antique 3-1/2 inch inserts, antique finish hands and our antique finish embossed 6-1/2 inch regulator style dials.