Clocks Accessories

Clock Accessories

Here’s the category where we put all of the “stuff” that can make clock making easier.

Let’s start off with the hardware category. While this mounting hardware is always included with a movement purchase, sometimes people need extra. Please remember that these parts are not universal. They fit our movements but may not be a match for other brands. We also offer black washers, hex nuts and closed minute hand nuts for customers who need a different look.

We sell batteries for every battery powered item we sell. We have AAA, AA, C,D and the #377 button cells that are used in our watch movement based small insert clocks. All of these batteries are 1.5 volt.

Pendulum Parts

Pendulum parts is a wide category. It includes our full line of 16 inch and 25 inch adjustable pendulums, pendulum bobs (the round disk at the bottom) in three different sizes, pendulum drives for up to 7 and 10 ounce pendulums and decorative weight shells.

Rubber Gaskets is a simple category, as we only carry one. They can be used to help make an insert clock fit into a larger hole size. Works with insert clock backs ranging from 2-1/2 inches up to 3-1/8 inches. To make up a larger size discrepancy, people often will wrap a few layers of electrical tape around the back to build up thickness before installing a rubber gasket.

Clock Stands

We have the best selection of clock stands anywhere. Our metal wire CD stand is specifically made for CD clocks. Our 2-piece black and one piece clear acrylic stands work well with CD’s, 45rpm records and a variety of other novelty clock items. Perfect for do-it-yourselfer.

Clock Maker Tools and Bits is where we show all of the Forstner bits we offer for boring flat bottomed holes for insert clocks. We have Forstner bit sizes for every diameter insert clock we have. Designed for use in a drill press at fairly slow RPM’s. The larger the bit the slower the speed required.

Electric Clocks

The Battery to Electric Converters or UPS device (Uninterruptable Power Source) offers the best of both power sources. When in use your clock will operate on normal 110 volt wall current. If there is a power interruption, then the Ni Cad rechargeable battery kicks in and your clock will continue to operate normally for up to several weeks or until he power returns. Charging time 4-5 hours. We have converters for both AA and C cell batteries.

Plastic Mounting Cups are used to surface mount clock movements to interior walls. In most cases, high torque movements are used because large clock hands are being used. Made for AA or C battery movements these 2 part mounting cups really simplify mounting a clock movement to a wall.

Movement covers are available for all of our 2-1/8 inch square movements as well as our AA powered mini quartz pendulum movements. They are perfect for adding the “finishing touch” to desk and table clocks with exposed backs.

Our Large Adhesive Numbers are 4 inch black adhesive backed numbers that will stick to virtually smooth wall surface. Each set includes all number from 1 through 12, and are available in regular Arabic or Roman numerals.