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Clock Repair Questions

At our passion is with those who like to repair, create and build new clocks. As an industry leading innovator of clock parts and components for decades, we also provide our customers with free technical support and a wide variety of videos to assist them in their projects.

We have six major categories where our assistance may be required; (1) Movements/Motors, (2) Hands, (3) Dials, (4) Inserts / Fit-ups and (5) Accessories.

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Clock Movement Motors

We offer a wide selection of MVTs or motors that drive the time, calendar hands, pendulums, Chimes etc… Within each particular classification, there are factors that need to be considered in order to have a successful repair or create the perfect time piece.

Clock Hands

There are two main criteria need to be considered. One is the length of the hand shaft that drives them and the length of the hands themselves. Of course the style of hands will enhance the overall appearance of the clock face; nevertheless, we need to get the dimensions correct in order to achieve an accurate and reliable time piece.

Clock Dials

Your clock dial or clock face is what stands front and center and can be the most unique part of your time piece. You cannot read the time without it. The clock dial face can be made of anything your heart desires. Any object can represent a number. One word of caution is to make sure the MVT shaft is long enough so the minute hand can clear the thickness of the clock dial and any objects attached to it.

Clock Inserts Fitups

Inserts Clocks are assembled complete clock modules that press fit into a round mounting hole. They have a Movement, Dial, Hands and Lens. They are perfect for so many different kinds of projects. We offer them in a variety of sizes and styles. When replacing an Insert clock or fit-up, be careful to check the diameter of the face, or front of the insert, as well as the diameter of the mounting hole in the clock case.

Clock Accessories

There are a number of accessories that can turn a good project into a great project. At we pride ourselves on bringing new and innovative products for our customers. If you build clocks for resale a simple item like our hand covers will assist you in shipping clocks. We also offer Forstner Bits for boring round smooth-bottomed holes, 16 and 25 inch adjustable pendulums and a variety of other helpful products. Please Ask the Clock Expert and we will get the answer for you. If you have the question, there is probably 20 other people who also have the same questions.