Clock Kits / Assortments

We offer a broad selection of clock kits for all levels of experience. From our Tower Clock Kits that can span 3-feet, to our more contemporary Hardwood Wall Clock Kits with multiple bezel finishes, and our ever popular CD Kits.

Wall Clock Kits

This category features a surprisingly large group of products. Our Wall Clock Kits assortments allow you the flexibility of making your own custom wall clock designs however you would like. We have both 10 inch and 14 inch size plastic models and 10 inch and 14 inch size models with a brushed aluminum case and flat glass lens.

These assortment kits are unassembled, including all necessary parts and a white Arabic clock dial. Assembly is quick and easy. You can use the white Arabic dial as is, glue decorations or logos to it, or use it as a template to make your own clock dials.

The Build Your Own Tower Clock group gives you all the parts you will need to make a wall into a 3-1/2 foot giant wall clock. Includes a high torque quartz movement, wall mounting cup, 14 inch hands and a choice of Roman or Arabic 4 inch self adhesive numbers. Most important, we include simple instructions and a large wall template to assist you in correctly mounting the numbers.

The Photo Frame Clock Kit is a 3 to 3-1/2 foot diameter wall clock, with photos used instead of numbers. Includes a high torque quartz movement, wall mounting cup, 14” hands and 12 standard 4 inch by 6 inch adhesive backed Masonite photo frames.

Just glue your standard 4 inch by 6 inch photos to them and you are ready to go. Most important, we include simple instructions and a large wall template to assist you in correctly mounting the numbers.

Desk Clocks & Antique Dials

We have the best selection of CD Clocks Kits anywhere. The reason is simple, we have the best selection of clock stands. Of course we have lots of clock movements and hands, but we also have a unique CD washer that is black on one side and white on the other. It will cover up to 1-1/2 inches and allow you to adapt the hole in a CD to being used with a clock movement.

Our series of Antique dials and hands are unique in our industry. These superbly printed dials appear to be very old, and we offer antiqued hands to go with them. Create your own new “Old Masterpiece”.

The Do It Yourself Clock Kit is actually software for your computer that allows you to create you owns custom clock dials. A wide variety of number styles are included. Perfect for making custom clock dials with family or hobby themed photos. Shipped as a thumb drive and it operates on both Apples and PCs.

Clock Building Parts

Our Clock Maker Kits include American Made black cherry table clock kits, a C cell battery powered high torque movement with a 14 inch pair of hands, hand assortments and our antique dials with antique hands. Information regarding custom clock dials is also included.

The Auto Set Movements Mounting Cup Kit includes our 2 piece wall mounting cup, a AA battery powered American made high torque movement, and a pair of black 10 inch hands. The mounting cup includes all necessary screws and wall mounting anchors. It’s all you really need to design and install your own large wall clock. Look at adding special dial faces to your project.

What is a Clock Kit

A clock kit is a selection of individual clock parts that include a clock movement, clock dial face, clock hands, that can be assembled as a kit. Clock kits are popular DIY family project and great for hobbyist alike. Wall Clock kits are the most popular kit to build.