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Do It Yourself Clock Kit

Another item that can only be found at! Our “Do It Yourself” software allows you to customize your own clock dial almost any way you would like. Just let your imagination run wild. You can select from different type fonts for the numbers and you can also add and re-size any photos you would like.

One version is for 10 inch plastic wall clocks and the other version is for the photo frame clock kits. These are very popular and a fun family project. Our Clock Training Videos and our free technical support will help you make a successful project.

The software is supplied on a USB flash drive for both windows and Mac. Both include 3 sheets of high gloss photo paper. More glossy 8 ½ inch by 11 inch printing paper can easily be purchased at any office supply store. This software is great for creating custom clocks based on Grandchildren, hobbies or travel or almost anything you can think of.