Build Your Own Large Tower Wall Clock

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Tower Clock Kit

One of’s most popular kits is the Tower Clock Kit- available in Roman and Arabic. These two large wall clocks allow you to turn some empty wall space into an attractive, accurate, modern quartz clock. Each kit includes an American made high torque clock movement, the movement wall mounting cup and 17-3/4 inch black clock hands.

Also included are the 4 inch adhesive backed vinyl numbers in a choice of Roman or Arabic (regular) numbers. You choose the final size of your wall clock up to 4 feet in diameter.

We supply a large paper template that you tape or pin to your wall to help you with the best number position for your clock. It works really well. All you need to add is a pencil, a piece of string and a small nail. 3 foot yardstick or other long straight edge is helpful.

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