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Clock Pendulum Parts

Clock Pendulum Parts

Here’s where we list our 16 inch adjustable, our 25 inch adjustable and 41 inch lyre pendulums. The 16 inch and 25 inch models offer a choice of three different sizes of pendulum “bobs” (it’s the round disc at the bottom of the pendulum).

We have 2-1/8 inch, 2-3/4 inch and 3-1/2 inch “bob” diameters. You decide what looks best on your clock. Please remember that our 16 inch and 25 inch pendulums are fully adjustable to shorter lengths by making the pendulum rod shorter. There are actual “scored” lines on the back of the pendulum rod so that no tools are required to make the pendulum shorter.

We also list our two different pendulum drives here. One has a 7 ounce capacity and one has a 10 ounce capacity. Both of these pendulum drives increase the weight capacity when compared with our AA and C battery pendulum movements.

If you are making a large floor clock or a battery operatedGrandfather Clock then add a traditional touch with our set of three brass weight shells and 30 inch chains.