Clock Maker Tools & Bits

Clock Maker Tools Bits

We offer a large selection of high speed steel Forstner bits for a reason. They really work well for boring into wood or composite like materials. The end result is a beautifully bored flat bottom hole. This bit is perfect for installing our wide selection of insert clocks.

For an accurate hole, it’s always best to use this type of a boring bit in a drill press, not a hand drill. You could break your wrist using a hand drill with one of the larger bits.

Always be concerned with the speed of the Forstner bit. Every drill press has different settings. The larger the bit the slower it should operate. The slower the bit speed the better. Bits in the three inch and larger range are only designed to operate at 100 to 300 RPMS.

Our selection of clock inserts will fit perfectly in your freshly drilled Forstner bit hole.

The Minute Hand Nut Driver is really what’s called a “crown winder” in the watch industry. It just happens to work really well for installing the little round nut that holds the minute hand on in “I” shaft movements. Just pick the small nut off a flat surface and give it a turn.

We are always adding new products to our website and our clock parts catalog. Please to stop by soon to see what’s new in the clock industry and to enjoy our training videos.