10 in. Gold Large Clock Hands


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    Model #: GLDHND1473

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    10 in. Gold Large Clock Hands

    Large Clock Hands 10”

    Clockparts.com is officially the "GOLD STANDARD" when it comes to High Torque Hands. After numerous requests over many years, we are proud to offer our always popular Spade High Torque hands in a shiny gold finish.

    In addition to the 10 Inch size hands we also offer a 14 inch and 17 ¾ inch. This allows you to get the perfect set of Gold Finish Hands for your DIY clock project.

    This high quality and very attractive gold color is very hard to find in the industry and we are very proud to offer it to you. We believe this is an exclusive offering. The hands are made of aluminum material and have a minute hand that is counterbalanced.

    Clock Repair Training

    The counterbalance is a very important element of large clock hands. It is a requirement that long hands be balanced to ensure that they keep accurate time. These gold finished hands can be trimmed to custom fit them to your clock design.

    When you trim these hands please note that the minute hand is balanced and has to stay that way. Take any metal that you may have trimmed off the end and glue it to the underside of where you just trimmed it from.

    You can easily check the balance of a minute hand by placing the mounting hole on your finger tip. If it falls off it’s not balanced. Re-balance with any small amount of weight.  We have produced a clock training video on the subject please review it.

    Clock Dials

    This Bright Gold Color is perfect for any type of clock- whether it's a modern or antique. If your project is to build an reproduction Antique Clock we would like to suggest that you look are our Large Antique Clock Dials version clock.

    Clock Parts Catalog

    Many customers have told us over the years that they purchased a brand name wall clock with gold hands and have endlessly searched for replacements to not only the motor but the hands. After being stumped, many customers tell us they gave up and threw away the clock! Or they simply purchased and installed a style or color hands that did not fit as well.

    Well those worries are now over! These shiny gold color high torque hands will fit many of the designer brand clocks that have been made over the years. These hands fit our USA made High Torque Takane Motor. Check Out Our Clock Parts Catalog to view your selection and helpful hints.

    If you are not looking to retrofit or repair an old type of clock, our Gold Finish High Torque hands are perfect for making your own clock. Do to the limited availability of these hands you are sure to create a wonderful and unique clock.

    Selecting Your Clock Hands

    The 10" size set of hands are recommended for clocks that are between 21”-24”
    The 14" size set of hands are recommended for clocks that between 29” " 34”
    The 17 3/4" size set of hands are recommended for clocks between 37” " 45”

    Please note that these High Torque Bright Polished Gold hands are produced to fit onto American “I” Shaft High Torque Motors. Clockparts.com offers the largest selection of high torque motors in the industry. The only thing you need is your creativity. Click the Add to Cart Button Now and Start your Project!