Square Metal Clock Dials

Our line of American made square metal dials has become recognized as one of the best in the industry. The reason is simple. We do most of the designs ourselves. This allows us to react to our customer's wishes as well as trends in the industry.

Many of our designs feature embossed accents. This means that some of the design is stamped with an embossing die that actually adds a three dimensional effect that you can feel with your fingers.

All of these dials have a 3/8" center hole. All sizes listed are the edge-to-edge dimensions. The sides of the dials can be cut to a smaller size if needed by holding a steel ruler in a fixed position while "scoring" the dial with a strong steel blade. It may take four or five passes with a blade to cut through the metal. Rub gently after cutting with sandpaper to remove any sharp edges.

We can produce custom metal clock dials for you, but the minimum quantity must be 100 pieces or more. We can also imprint a logo on existing dials in quantities of 50 pieces or more. Please contact an ISI sales representative for additional information.

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