Premium Luxury Fit Ups and Clock Inserts available in a variety of sizes. Check out our Premium inserts below.

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What are Clock Fit Ups

Fit Ups or inserts are pre-assembled clocks and are sold with the clock hands, dial face, glass lens and polished bezel already made and ready to fit into a pre-drilled hole in any wood, metal, plastic or acrylic case. Quartz Fitups also known as clock inserts are sized by the outside diameter edge. The edge size of the clock part is the size of the Fit Up.


When we say Premium we mean it. Our new line of Insert clocks features polished solid brass bezels, curved glass lenses, 3 black metal hands and top quality quartz movements, all using common batteries. We selected our most popular 5 clock dials and offer them in all 4 of the new sizes available. All of these new inserts use our popular soft gasket mounting system.

Our soft gasket mounting system allows you some flexibility about the size of the actual mounting hole. You can adapt these new inserts to a larger hole size by removing the soft rubber gasket, and wrapping the back of the insert with plumbers Teflon tape or electrical tape to “build up” the back of these insert clocks. Then re install the soft rubber gasket to adapt to a larger mounting hole. Each premium size can be combined to get the best quantity price!

•Polished Real Brass Bezel
•Curved Glass Lens
•Common Battery Sizes
•Soft Gasket Mounting
•1 Year Guarantee