14 in. Silver Large Clock Hands


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    Model #: SILVHND1475

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    14 in. Silver Large Clock Hands

    14” Silver Large Clock Hands

    Our 14” large silver clock hands offer the clock maker a wonderful option when building a large wall clock. Select these hands with one of our high torque movement and you will have a clock making kit for a large wall clock.

    At ClockParts.com we continue to bring forth the clock parts that make a difference for DIY projects and clock repair. This exclusive high gloss silver color will make your project stand out from the crowd.

    Silver is a color that can go with a wide variety of dial faces. These hands would be appropriate for clock faces ranging from 29 inches to 34 inches. Please also be aware that the minute hand is balanced. Therefore, if you are going to trim the hand to fit a particular dial face it must keep its balanced attribute.

    Please see our short training video on trimming balanced hands for a little guidance and so that you ensure that your minute hand remains balanced after you trim it.

    These hands are to be used with a high torque movement or motor and fit the American “I” shaft . If you have any questions please let us know by calling our toll free number.

    Wall Clocks

    If you are thinking about making a large wall clock with these hands we would like to suggest that you visit our Build Your Own Large Tower Wall Clock in our Kits/Assortment section.

    Here we have an excellent instructional video and the parts you need to accomplish this type of project.