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Our wall clock selection is a step above the competition in looks and clock features. This selection offers you many different options to give a certain wall in your home or office a distinct look.

If you need and desire a contemporary clock our Grande or Brushed Metal Clock may be the perfect clock for you.  If you desire a stately presentation the Mahogany Wood Framed Clock may be ideal.

Our wood framed analog clock comes in either electric or battery operated. Our Brushed Metal Clocks are also available in both an electric and battery operated version.

The Grande Wall Clocks are a very affordable black framed electric or battery operated clocks.

Our wood wall clocks provide you with a stylish mahogany wood frame that can bring out the best in any room or office. The wood clocks have an Auto Set Motor, which automatically adjusts for daylight saving time in the spring and in the fall.

This Auto feature keeps your clock accurate 24/7/365. No need to adjust your home clock on Sunday morning or your office clock on Monday morning during the fall and spring time changes.  Our clocks do it automatically!

The electric analog wood clock in addition to having the auto set clock motor also has a battery backup. The battery back up prevents the wood framed clock from losing time during power outages.

When you have an interruption in electrical power the clock resorts to its battery backup. This keeps the clock accurate all the time.

The Brushed Metal Framed Clock has a black dial face with white clock hands. It provides a nice contemporary look for any wall. The contrast of the metal frame and the black dial face with white Arabic numbers and clock hands is impressive.

The battery version only requires one AA battery.  The electric version has a re-chargeable battery backup that keeps the clock running during power outages. The clock movement is an Auto Set movement, which will automatically adjust the time for the fall and spring daylight saving time changes.

The 14’ Grande Wall clock has a sharp looking ound black frame that houses the white dial face in a very attractive manner. The electric version and the battery version are excellent for the home or office.

The Grande Clock is 14 inches in diameter but delivers its size in a simple elegant manner at a truly unbeatable price. The Grande is also equipped with an Auto Set Clock Motor so that daylight saving time adjustments are automatic.

The Electric Grande Clock has the UL approved electric adapter that comes complete with a re-chargeable battery backup.  The battery backup keeps your clock running and displaying accurate time when the electric power goes off.

I hope you enjoy our wall clock selection.  Our pricing is aggressive so that you can upgrade all your clocks to the Chase Auto Set clocks and never have to worry about daylight saving time adjustments again. 

Thank you for your interest in Clock Parts.  Order TODAY and start enjoying your clock tomorrow!

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