14″ Grande Wall Clock with Auto Set Motor


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    Model #: CHPL14AS

      Product Description

      14" Grande Wall Clock with Auto Set Motor

      The Chase Grande Auto Set Wall Clock is an eye catcher! Its high quality black polystyrene case provides a strong and inviting look. By adding its crystal like lens you can own the perfect clock for your budget. However, we went one step further with this décor clock!

      We added our state-of-the-art Daylight Savings Defeating Auto Set Motor to deliver to you a clock that will automatically set itself to the correct time changes. It never needs a fall or spring time adjustment.

      The quality white dial face with black Arabic numbers provides for optimal viewing. This analog clock also comes with a second hand, thereby providing the trifecta; hour, minute and second hands. The Grande is a remarkable clock for your home or office.

      The total diameter is 14" and the actual dial face is a generous 11 ¾". This provides excellent viewing from all angles. We have over 40 years in the manufacturing of clocks, clock parts and components. This experience enables us to bring to you a perfect business clock or home clock that is constructed with a great motor thereby providing an accurate and trouble free time piece.

      A clock with this type of motor would typically cost in the price range of $49 to $69. Our price to you is $29.99. This remarkable price is based on our current inventory levels. We are responsible for the manufacturing of not only the clock but also the clock parts and you have the opportunity to buy it direct. We have eliminated the cost of the middleman for you!

      The Auto Set motor is a unique motor with useful benefits. It enables a standalone clock to automatically adjust for daylight saving time. You can hang this clock on the wall and during the spring and fall time change it will automatically adjust at 2:00 A.M.

      The size of this clock allows it to be mounted high on a wall and with the Auto Set motor you will not have to touch it during spring or fall daylight saving time.

      At this great price you could easily upgrade the analog clocks in your home or office to this high end looking clock and enjoy the benefit of having maintenance free accurate time.

      Become an owner of a Chase Clock by buying direct from one of the great clock companies of the world.

      Take advantage of this pricing while current inventories exist and enjoy a Chase Clock for $29.99. The only thing you will need is one AA battery and you will have a clock that will look sharp in your home or office.


      • High Quality Polystyrene Case
      • Crystal like Lens
      • Auto Set Motor that updates automatically at Daylight Savings
      • No Signal Required
      • White Dial with Black Arabic Numbers
      • Sleek Black Spade Hands
      • Requires 1 AA battery (not included)
      • 1 yr Warranty

      Product Specification

      • 14" Diameter
      • 11 3/4" Dial Size

      Shipping Weight

      • Approximately 4lbs/1pc
      • 23" HI x 19 W x 23" L