Electric Brushed Metal Wall Clock with Auto Set Motor


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    Model #: CHMD14ASELC

      Product Description

      Electric Brushed Metal Wall Clock with Auto Set Motor

      We took our best selling Brushed Metal Auto Wall Clock and provided electrical power via our unique uninterrupted power supply adapter. This gives you added protection during power outages. It is powered by electric with the added benefit of a battery backup for when the power fails. This electric clock will work when the electric power is interrupted.

      The Chase metal electric clock makes an attractive element to dress up the home or office. The aesthetic features include a high end elegant brushed metal case and a high quality dial that is black with white numbers. The contrast between the brushed aluminum case and the black dial face is elegant.

      The clock is the same clock as our Brushed Metal Clock.  It has the Auto Set Motor so that it will adjust automatically in the spring and in the fall.  It has the perfect dial face which provides for ample viewing from afar.

      The uninterrupted power supply is an excellent addition for this clock.  Plug the power plug into a standard electrical outlet and snap in the AA rechargeable battery into the clock motor.  If you lose power for any reason the rechargeable battery will provide the power until the electrical power is restored. 

      Lightning storms or little power glitches will not have any effect on your clock. This is very important during those times when the electrical power flashes off and on.  The worse thing for an electric clock is to lose power for 15 or so minutes. Because when power is restored the clock will display time that is 15 minutes late. We have eliminated the need to worry if the clock is accurate or the need to get a step ladder out to reset the clock.  The backup battery will keep the clock accurate.

      At Chase Clock Company we work hard at providing the most trouble free clocks for our customers. Our 40 years of experience in clock manufacturing has taught us that if we provide great value in our clocks, sell them direct to the end users and make them virtually failure proof we have served our customers well.

      Compare our Feature Rich Clocks and we believe you will purchase a Chase Clock Today!


      • Elegant Brushed Metal Case
      • Glass Lens
      • Auto Set Motor that updates automatically at Daylight Savings
      • No Signal Required
      • Black Dial with White Arabic Numbers
      • Sleek Black Spade Hands
      • Powered by Electrical AC plug
      • Rechargeable Battery Backup
      • 1 yr Warranty

      Product Specification

      • 14" Diam
      • 12" Dial size

      Shipping Weight

      • Approximately 3 lbs/1 PC
      • 15"H x 20" W x 24 L