Electric 14″ Grande Wall Clock with Auto Set Motor


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    Model #: CHPL14ASELC

      Product Description

      Electric 14" Grande Wall Clock with Auto Set Motor

      The Chase Grande Electric Auto Set Wall Clock takes the battery operated version of the Grande with its black sleek look and provides the ability to connect it to an electric outlet.

      In addition to the ability of providing electrical power to the clock you also get the added benefit of our uninterruptable power supply if a power failure occurs.

      The UL rated electrical aspect of this clock is a powerful and reliable attribute of this clock.  On one end of the electric adapter you have a standard electrical plug and on the other end you have a rechargeable AA battery.

      You just plug the rechargeable battery into the clock motor and plug the electric plug into your wall outlet.  When a power failure occurs the clock will resort to its rechargeable battery to provide the power.  When electric power is restored the clock will operate off the electrical power.

      The additional advantage of this clock is that in the future if you ever decide to move the clock and electrical power is not available at the new location all you have to do is insert a AA battery into the clock and it will operate as a normal battery operated clock.

      As the manufacturer of clocks and clock parts for over four decades we bring to you a feature rich clock at an incredible price. Buying direct from the manufacturer not only saves you money but also gives you more value for your money.

      Remarkable Value is available to you when you purchase a Chase Clock!


      • High Quality Polystyrene Case
      • Crystal like Lens
      • Auto Set Motor that updates automatically at Daylight Savings
      • No Signal Required
      • White Dial with Black Arabic Numbers
      • Sleek Black Spade Hands
      • Powered by Electrical AC plug
      • Rechargeable Battery Backup
      • 1 yr Warranty

      Product Specification

      • 14" Diameter
      • 11 3/4" Dial Size

      Shipping Weight

      • Approximately 4lbs/1pc
      • 23" HI x 19 W x 23" L