Brushed Metal Modern Wall Clock with Auto Set Motor


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    Model #: CHMD14AS

      Product Description

      Brushed Metal Modern Wall Clock with Auto Set Motor

      Our Brushed Metal Auto Wall Clock is perfect in any setting. This clock makes an attractive element for the home or office. The aesthetic features include a high end elegant brushed metal case and a high quality dial that is black with white numbers. The beauty within this metal clock is the contrast between the brushed aluminum case and the dial face. It is absolutely striking!

      The clock is a total of 14" in diameter and the dial size is about 12". This large clock allows the clock to be viewed from over 100 feet away. It is one of Chase Clocks leading products.

      Putting its appealing looks aside it's what lies behind the dial face that makes it unique! This clock is powered by our Daylight Saving Defeating Auto Set Motor. Imagine your Mother or yourself not having to get out a ladder to adjust the clock twice a year for daylight saving time! The clock will automatically adjust to the correct time.

      This clock unleashes the power of modern technology with its Daylight Saving Defeating Auto Set Motor.  The technology allows you to place it on the wall and never touch it during daylight savings time.

      This enterprising clock is the perfect timing solution for the office. As a business clock it will display accurate time every day of the year. Never worry about if the clocks have been changed for daylight saving time. The spring time change and the fall time change will happen automatically at 2:00 in the morning.

      If you had trouble with radio controlled atomic clocks not setting the correct time you will not have to worry about that again.  Many Radio Controlled Atomic Clocks have an issue because of a poorly built receiver module. The receiver module must be of a high quality to consistently receive the time broadcast from Fort Collins, Colorado.

      The Chase Clock auto set motor does not need a radio signal to automatically adjust for daylight saving time.  The time changes are built into the clock itself. Gone are the days when you have to find where the radio time signal is strong enough and place the radio controlled clock at that location to get the clock to work. You can place this Chase clock where you want it!

      This unparalleled clock is a popular and unique gift. It makes a perfect Mother's Day or Father's Day gift.  Maybe it's the right gift for you. Why not give your home a new look by revamping the analog clocks in your house with Chase Clocks. We offer a nice selection.  A truly special clock is our Mantle Clock.

      All you have to provide is one AA battery and you will reap the benefits of a gorgeous maintenance free Brushed Metal Clock.

      With over 40 years of experience in clocks, clock parts and components Chase Clock Company offers high end analog clocks coupled with excellent pricing thereby delivering a state-of-the-art clock to your home or office. Our selection offers the right décor clock that will add a touch of sophistication at an affordable price.

      Receive your Clock TODAY and enjoy it for years to come!


      • Elegant Brushed Metal Case
      • Glass Lens
      • Auto Set Motor that updates automatically at Daylight Savings
      • No Signal Required
      • Black Dial with White Arabic Numbers
      • Sleek Black Spade Hands
      • Requires 1 AA battery (not included)
      • 1 yr Warranty

      Product Specification

      • 14" Diam
      • 12" Dial size

      Shipping Weight

      Approximately 3 lbs/1 PC
      15"H x 20" W x 24 L