Specialty Dials

Specialty Dials

We offer a full line of specialty dial clock faces for clock makers. We have customers who have decided to build an impressive collections of unique and highly accurate time pieces with these specialty dials.

For each one of these unique dial faces we have a corresponding clock motor. We have a reverse time movements to make a classic Barbershop Clock. When looked through a mirror the clock face displays normal time.

We offer to you plastic dials, large polystyrene and round tin dials. Each one of these clock parts carries its own unique attributes. Please visit each one of the product pages to take a closer look.

We also have an excellent selection of clock hands for your project. We also have a wonderful video on How to Make Clock Hands Fit any Dial Face .

What is a Clock Dials Faces

Clock dials or clock faces are the designed background face that shows an imprint of numbers or symbols that maybe printed, stamped, engraved or embossed on a metal, copper, brass, paper or plastic sub-straight. The face of the clock maybe round, square or octagon to fit inside of a clock bezel.