Round Tin Dials

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Round Tin Dials

Our selection of metal or tin round clock face dials are beautiful. We have two classifications. Our Embossed Vienna Regulator Clock Dials and our Antique Reproduction Embossed Regulator Dials. All of these dials come with a protective plastic coating over the metal to protect it prior to use.

The Vienna style feature an embossed gold accent ring on the time ring. The time ring or sometimes called a chapter ring is typically where the tip of the minute hand will end. The hour hand is normally about two thirds the size of the minute hand.

We have a large selection of clock hands that will make these clock face dials jump with authenticity. Please take a look at these Clock Hands.

The Roman Numeral and Arabic Number Antique Reproduction Regulator Dials are simply striking. They look good in so many different situations. Very appropriate looking in a glass or a wood case.

Let your imagination run with these metal tin dial face and produce a wonderful clock for yourself, a friend or relative. We offer a number of different parts that lets you build clocks for profit or pleasure.

We have also released our new Clock Parts Catalog which is chocked full of ideas, diagrams and helpful hints to make your repair project a success. Our technical support is only a telephone call away from you. Please call us or emails us your questions.