Large Round Styrene Clock Dials

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Polypropylene Clock Dials

We offer four different types of polypropylene clock dials. Each one of these dials is 11 1/8”. We are glad to offer both Roman Numeral and an Arabic clock face. Each type of face is available in either white or ivory.

Polypropylene is a plastic resin. In fact, it is a thermoplastic polymer resin. It is used in many commercial and industrial uses. Our customers find these dials faces work quite well for a number of Do It Yourself projects.

The dial face on these specialty items contains a chapter ring. The chapter ring is an added touch. The chapter ring is typically where the tip of the minute hand will end. Please visit our Clock Hands page to see our large selection.

Please also note that you can easily trim both your hour and minutes hands to fit your dial face exactly the way you wish it to look. As always we offer free technical support and please do not forget to video our videos for product and helpful tips on clock making.