PD200 – Heavy Duty Pendulum Drive


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    Model #: PD200

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    PD200 - Heavy Duty Pendulum Drive

    Our PD200 pendulum drive is designed to offer increased weight capacity for driving longer and heavier pendulums. The PD200 has 2 unique features that make this a very versatile part. First, we show the 3 individual parts separately so that you can see that any mini quartz movement can be installed into this pendulum drive to make this work just like a regular pendulum movement. A really good example is that if you use this PD200 with our MVT718HT you now have a pendulum movement that will drive up to 17-3/4" clock hands, while being able to operate up to a 7 ounce pendulum!

    Second, if you look closely at the top of the black plastic pendulum hanger, you will see a rectangular mounting stud at the top. This will allow you to use the PD200 as a dual pendulum movement, with a greater weight capacity than our regular dual pendulums. Imagine the possibilities of have a pendulum on both the top and the bottom of your clock dial!.

    Use alone or insert any mini sized quartz movement The PD200 will drive up to a 200-gram (7 ounce) pendulum. The PD200 does not include a pendulum. Please remember that when adding any mini quartz movement to the inside of this heavy duty pendulum drive, that you will need to add 1/16" to your shaft length calculations, as the front wall thickness of this part is apx. 1/16" thick.

    • Operates Up To A 7 Ounce pendulum
    • Use With Any Of Our Mini Quartz Size Movements Inside
    • Operates On 1 AA Battery (not included)
    • Can Be Used as A Dual Pendulum Movement
    • 3 Year Guarantee

    Consider using the PHDPD drive with our weight shells and our large traditional clock dials to make a grandmother size clock

    Dimensions: 5 5/8" L x 2 5/16" W x 1 1/4" D

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