High Torque Quartz Pendulum Movement - Dials up to 3/8 in. thick - MVT212HT


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    Model #: MVT212HT

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    High Torque Quartz Pendulum Movement

    This high torque pendulum movement delivers more power to the hands as well as the pendulum. In fact, this movement will run our 17 1/2" balanced hands as well as a 25" pendulum! The maximum capacity for pendulums on this movement is 100 grams (3-1/2 ounces).

    Our 212HT series high torque pendulum movement operates on one "C" cell battery (not included) and will out power anything on the market today. It also includes our exclusive increased minute hand shaft length. This longer minute hand shaft helps to keep longer hour and minute hands from binding as they may on a conventional movement. This increased spacing also makes assembly with longer hands easier.

    Just because this pendulum movement can operate both large hands and a long pendulum do not let that limit your possibilities. This is the perfect movement for using with wall clock designs with normal dial and hand sizes but with a long pendulum.

    Dimensions: 3" w x 3 1/2" h x 1" d

    MVT212HT Diagram

    • The most powerful quartz pendulum
    • Operates up to a 25" pendulum
    • Exclusive added space between hour and minute hand
    • Fits up to a 3/8" dial thickness
    • Clock hand shaft diameter 7/16
    • Clock hand shaft total length 7/8
    • Clock hand shaft threaded shaft length 7/16
    • Operates on one "C" cell battery (not included)

    Pricing includes movement and mounting hardware only! Because of the versatility of this movement we have priced the hands and pendulum options separately. Order only what you need for your particular clock design.

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