Standard (C Battery) Size Clock Movements

Standard Clock Motors

Here are four categories of standard size clock motors. These standard size clock movements all have one thing in common. They all operate on one C cell battery.

The Standard time, pendulum and chime movement groups have two C cell battery benefits: they can operate up to 6-1/2 inch clock hands and they have longer battery life. All of these movements can operate a second hand if desired. The second hand on these movements accurately steps one second, every second.

The models with pendulums can operate up to a 3-1/2 ounce pendulum. That’s a lot of advantages because of one C cell battery. We also list several models of C cell high torque motors. The movements can operate light weight clock hands up to 18 inches long. The minute hand needs to be balanced. Put the mounting hole of the minute hand (the longer one) on your fingertip. If it falls off it’s not balanced.