Sweep Second Hand

Not available as free hand selection

We stock 13 different styles of second hands. All but two are available in gold, black or red.

Eleven of the thirteen second hands shown below are available in a gold, black or red finish. The SWP1351 & SWP3195 are only available in black or red. Make sure that you indicate your choice of color when ordering. Please remember that second hands are considered optional and are not included in our offer of free hour and minute hands with each movement. Second hands are measured from the center of the mounting bushing to the tip of the hand. These sweep second hands are for use with American I shaft second hand posts and have a .030 in. - .031 in. inside shaft diameter. Any second hands listed as Seiko have a .034” to 035” inside shaft diameter.

All of our Sweep Second Hands under 5” can be trimmed to a shorter length, except the balanced 10” hand. The 10” second hand can only be used with our High Torque Motors.

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