Tide Only Movements

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Tide Only Movements

We sell American made, quartz tide movements. This means that these motors will accurately display the daily tides, based on a lunar day of 24 hours and 50 minutes. These movements contain an accurate quartz crystal in the motor, that oscillates to produce an accurate universal lunar day, which is the same everywhere.

The tides that occur in your area may vary slightly, based on your specific geographic location and conditions. Local circumstances of tides may can differ as the result of variations in shoreline patterns. For example bays, inlets or sounds.

Our tide movements are available in two popular shaft lengths. One for up to a 1/8 inch dial thickness (MVT7130T) and one for up to a ¼ inch dial thickness (MVT7160T). Both operate on one common AA battery. We also have two sizes of white tide dials, 6 inch and 7-7/8 inches. Both of these white tide dials, or tide faces, are printed to show the general tides based on a lunar day of 24 hour and 50 minutes.