Thermometer Movements

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Thermometer Movements

The TMT8 indoor/outdoor thermometer movement is as versatile as it is accurate. The 5/16” threaded shaft allows you to use up to a ¼” thick thermometer face or dial. This indoor/outdoor thermometer requires no batteries and is operated by a time tested bi-metallic coil, which expands and contracts evenly with temperature changes.

This causes the small shaft, and therefore the indicator hand to rotate, and accurately display the current temperature. Calibrating this thermometer movement to your current conditions is really easy! You need to know your current temperature by referring to another thermometer. Then press the indicator hand pointing at the same temperature.

We also have two sizes of white thermometer dials, 6 inch and 7-7/8 inches. Both of these white dials, or thermometer faces, are printed to match the scale of our TMT8 thermometer movement.