Quartz Pendulum Mechanical Bim-Bam


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    Model #: MVT2405

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    Quartz Pendulum Mechanical Bim-Bam


    Sound Sample: Hear the sound of this amazing new Quartz Pendulum Mechanical Bim-Bam Movement below

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    The model #2405 is the only quartz pedulum mechanical Bim-Bam on the market today. It has the full rich sound of a traditional mechanical Bim-Bam movement with the convience and accuracy of a modern quartz movement.

    This Bim-Bam movement strikes two different copper rods on the half and the hour, with an hour count on the hour. A 16" adjustable pendulum is included, but the #2405 can also be operated without a pendulum. This movement will not operate a second hand.

    Dimensions: 6-1/2” W x 7-1/16” H x 1-3/4” D

    • Superior mechanical sound
    • Adjustable pendulum included
    • 1 year guarantee
    • Operates with or without pendulum
    • Free choice of hour and minute hands
    • Operates on 1 "D" cell (not included)

    Our model MVT2405 has been totally updated. Additional setting controls have been added to the back to make set-up easier. The threaded shaft is now 1/8” longer, so the maximum dial thickness is increased to ½”. A second hand function has also been added. This is still the only D cell battery operated mechanical Bim-Bam on the market today and now it’s better than ever. It still has the full rich sound of a mechanical Bim-Bam movement, with the convenience and accuracy of a modern quartz clock movement. The best of both worlds.

    This Bim-Bam movement strikes two different length copper rods on the half hour and the hour, with an hour count on the hour. A 16” adjustable pendulum with a 2-3/4” pendulum bob is included. This movement can easily be operated without a pendulum just by leaving the pendulum arm in its shipping position. The arc in which the pendulum swings is 1” back from the front of the clock movement.

    The choice of 45 pairs of “I” shaft hour and minute hands in gold or black is included with the movement. There is a great variety of styles and sizes to choose from. You decide what would look best on your clock. Sizes are based on the minute hand (the longer one) length from the mounting hole to the tip. If you do not pick out FREE hands and decide later that you want them, we charge a flat $5.00 fee to re-ship hands. See our Sweep Second Hands part of the Clock Hands section if you would like to purchase a second hand.


    When choosing clock hands always consider that most styles would allow you to trim them to a shorter length if needed. Wire cutters or kitchen shears will work just fine for trimming clock hands.

    For Dials up to ½” thick
    Threaded Shaft Length - 9/16”
    Overall Shaft Length - 7/8”
    Pendulum Bob Size - 2-3/4” (it’s the round disc at the bottom of the pendulum)

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