Auto Set Mini Quartz Movements - Dials Up to 1/4 in. thick - MVT15AS-ATS


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Model #: MVT13AS

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Dials Up to 1/8 in. thick


Dials Up to 1/4 in. thick


Dials Up to 3/8 in. thick


Dials Up to 5/8 in. thick

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Auto Set Mini Quartz Movements

Dimensions: 2-1/8” wide x 2-1/8” High x 5/8” deep

Our mini-quartz Auto set movements are a clock makers dream. Great for clock repair or clock building. These clock motors eliminate the unreliability issues of the atomic clock movement.

These clocks will automatically adjust for daylight saving time in both the spring and the fall. They will accurately drive clock hands up to 5 inches. Operating on one standard AA battery you clock will display accurate and reliable time throughout the year. Radio-controlled or atomic clocks have always had a problem getting reception from the AM radio frequency broadcast. On that Sunday morning after the daylight-saving time in the spring or fall, the auto set movements will automatically adjust and display the correct time.

In selecting one of these state of the art clock movements be sure to get the proper shaft length. Remember a shaft length too short simply will not work. A shaft length a bit longer can always be shimmed back if need be. Additionally, note that the diameter of the mounting hole is 5/16”.

If your clock has a glass or plastic cover over the movement please make sure you have enough clearance for the clock hands. When adding a second hand you will need extra room for the second hand. If you do not have a second hand you will still need room for the minute hand cap nut. The minute hand cap nut comes with the free hardware package with every movement.

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  • American "I" Shaft - Diameter 5/16"
  • Optional Front Loading Metal Hanger
  • Optional Second Hand
  • Runs On 1 "AA" Size Battery
  • Will update at both DST changes only in the USA.
  • Our Daylight Saving Motors are capable of operating clock minute hands up to 5”
  • They use the American “I” shaft and include a FREE choice of hour and minute hands under 5”
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