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Clock Hand Assortment

This attractive assortment of clock hands is ideal for the hobbyist or professional clock maker. Included in the assemblage is 25 pairs of hour and minute hands. A variety of black and gold hands are presented.

The assortment was handpicked to include some of our most popular hand designs. These styles will look excellent with a custom dial face or one of our many dials we offer. By including the Brass and Black Hand colors you are able to get a match for your Clock Dials.

All the hands provided in the assortment will fit the American “I” Shaft. The American “I” is the popular shaft design. The “I” configuration allows for the most secure fit of the minute and hour hands.

The clock hand set sizes included in this package range between 1” to 4”. The measurements are always from the center of the minute hand to the tip. Please note that it is easily to trim clock hands so that they fit perfect on your dial face.

If you are interesting in ordering a different bulk clock hand assortment please give us a call. As the leading supplier of clock parts we can provide clock hands in bulk.

We offer an excellent short video titled: How to Make Clock hands Fit any Dial Face . This video show you how simple it is to trim clock hands so that you get the perfect fit for your DIY project.

We offer a number of videos on our website. We offer product videos to help you select the correct product and How To videos as free training for clock makers.