Grandfather Clock Dials

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Grandfather Clock Dials

Our Grandfather Clock Dial part # D978TFGA is perfect for a battery operated Grandfather Clock. The dial measures 9 7/8” wide and a height of 13” with applied corners to the bright brass plate. It is striking!

On the top of the dial it has the Latin saying Tempus Fugit which means time flies. The Tempus Fugit is the de facto standard for Grandfather Dial face notations.

The numbering on the clock face is embossed gold numbers. We use this embossing on a number of our dials because it looks so good. It truly gives the face a punch of sophistication.

It is designed for a quartz battery operated movement and can be easily combined with a number of our grandfather accessory parts. We offer brass finish fake Grandfather Clock Weight Shells which do not have any effect on the timing element of your project but give it the complete grandfather look.

We also offer a fine selection of chimes. This selection includes Westminster and Whittington chimes with and without pendulums.

Our 41” Lyre Pendulum is a gorgeous pendulum and will create a project that would be perfect to be placed in any room in your house.

Let us help you create the perfect battery operated Grandfather Clock. If you have any questions please give us a call and we will be glad to help you.