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Pocket Watch Chain

Wood Pocket Watches are a very popular use for our 1 7/16 inch fit-ups, and we have just the right hardware to finish the job. The 14 inch Metal Pocket Watch Chain has a metal clip at one end that holds securely to a belt, jeans or vest pocket.

On the other end is a metal spring loop that allows for the use of our optional WA710CPL coupler, which screws into the wooden pocket watch and allows you to use the metal loop to hold the chain in place. It’s a good, solid system we have used for years.

Our pocket watch chain features all metal construction with a durable brass finish. You can expect years of rugged use with this quality pocket watch chain. The chain measures 14” from end to end.

Pocket Watch Coupler

Wood pocket watches are a very popular project for wood lathe owners. These wooden pocket watches have become fairly easy to turn on a lathe, and because of the wide variety of 1-7/16” insert clocks we offer, the possibilities are nearly endless.

This project just keeps getting more popular. They all fit into a 1-3/8 inch mounting hole. The mounting depth is less than 3/8 of an inch.
They key to putting this together is the brass coupler and chain we offer. The brass coupler (WA710CPL) shown here threads into your wood case and the chain (WA710CHN) is attached to the small mounting hole. I often put a “dab” of Super Glue on the bottommost threads before screwing into place. Overall length is 1/2". Threaded length is 1/4".

Please check out our new clock parts catalog for a complete list of parts and a great source of ideas.

Chain and coupler are sold separately.