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Clock Bezel Crystals

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4 in. Bezel / Crystal / Dial Combinations
5 1/8 in. Bezel / Crystal / Dial Combinations
6 1/4 in. Bezel / Crystal / Dial Combinations
7 7/8 in. Bezel / Crystal / Dial Combinations

Clock Bezel Crystals

Parts like our Clock Bezel Crystals or Bezel/Crystal/Dials have been the popular way to finish off wall, table and mantle clocks

We had these four sizes tooled to our specifications several years ago. They each feature 4 piece all metal and glass construction. Each part starts with a heavy gauge steel back plate, which can be held to your case using brads or small screws in the 4 predrilled holes.

Next is the aluminum dial with a raised edge for the appearance of depth and better grip on the curved glass lens. The curved glass lens is next. It’s held in place with the polished, solid brass bezel that pressure fits onto the steel back plate.

Each of the four sizes is available with traditional German Style Fancy, Roman or Arabic Clock dials. We know you will be pleased with our Clock Bezel Crystals.