7 7/8 in. Bezel / Crystal / Dial Combinations


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Model #: ARABIC-BCD200FA

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Number Style - Bezel 7 7/8 : By Clicking on The Image





Number Style - Bezel 7 7/8

7 7/8 in. Bezel / Crystal / Dial Combinations

Our exclusive line of bezel/crystal/dials feature a solid brass diamond cut bezel, curved glass lens and a metal dial and back plate. Because of the rapidly increasing prices and manufacturer delays on the old models we have carried for years, we had to take action. Our exclusive line has come down in price because we eliminated the hinge.

Clocks made with battery-operated movements do not need a hinged bezel/crystal/dial. It is always best to set the time with the knob on the back of the movement. Why pay for the most expensive part of the bezel/crystal/dial if you don't need it?

In the event that there was a problem with the clock hands, the bezel and glass can be removed.

  • Available in two popular dial styles
  • Curved glass lens
  • Solid Brass-Diamond cut Bezel
  • Aluminum dial & steel back plate
  • Combine different models for the best quantity price

Our steel back plate has four small holes drilled in it near the edge of the lip. You can use either brads or small screws to hold this steel plate in place.

Recommended hand length is 1-5/8 in. Acceptable range 1-1/2 in. to 1-3/4 in. Black hands normally used with this BCD. You may select longer Black hands which can easily be trimmed to a shorter length, depending on the individual minute hand design. Crystal center height from the dial is approx. 7/16 in.