Antique Dials

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Antique Dials

We are so pleased to offer our antique finish clock dials, where you literally “Turn Back the Clock.” A trend in the clock industry is to mimic and try to re-create the beautiful and classic old clocks. has used its extensive resources to come up with a line of dials that would make the old timers proud! is the only place to find such dials.

Create your own new design that looks like it could be a hundred years old. The printing on these antique clock dials is simply amazing. It’s state of the art. The detail will never cease to impress.

The range of sizes is also impressive. All three of our antique dial designs are available in 4-1/2 inch, 6 inch, 16 inch and 22 inch sizes. We have everything for designs from a small table clock to a giant wall clock.

Besides offering the dials, we have created kits that include antique hands a motor. This allows you to make an Antique Clock for a fraction of the price. Go online and look for complete antique clocks and you will see the tremendous value. gives you the opportunity to BE CREATIVE and build the Antique Clock that can be treasured for future generations.

Another new series of antique dials is our 6-1/2 inch antique gold or ivory, embossed roman clock dials. Again, the printing quality is outstanding. These embossed metal dials are shaped by a stamping die so that you can see and fell he raised edge around these dials and the inner ring. They are beautiful.