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When the Clock Hands Are Free, Take ‘em…!


Most of the clock movements we offer include a FREE CHOICE of multiple sets of hour and minute hands. It’s your choice,. Just tell us what you want! For some reason, some customers think the hands that they currently have in their possession are going to fit a different clock movement. Rarely happens. If it does, buy a lottery ticket that day.

There is no “standardization” of the mounting holes in clock hands. It’s that simple. The mounting holes in clock hands are measured to within a few thousandths of an inch, and there are dozens of possibilities.. Put your ruler away.  Unless you have good calipers or a micrometer, you are not going measure the mounting holes in clock hands. We primarily use the American “I” shaft system, but it is only popular here, and only some imported movements use it. Almost  all of our movements use the “I” shaft. The best feature of the American “I” shaft is that it uses a small round nut to lock the minute hand in place. It’s very secure.

In all of our categories of clock hands, at the top of the first page on the web site, we  show an excellent profile drawing of the actual mounting hole sizes for the clock hands listed in that section. We also are sure to link every clock movement we sell with the clock hands that can be used with that movement. Just go to any movement page and click on “clock hands” at the bottom of the movement page to see our selection..