Atomic Clock Movement


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    Atomic Clock Movement

    Atomic Clock Movement is a unique clock motor. The movement's frequency is tuned into the 60khz signal, which the National Institute of Technology transmits as the WWVB time signal. The National Institute of Technology Standards (NIST) and its' engineers at the federal government facility in Fort Collins, Colorado, connected an actual atomic clock to a powerful transmitter. The transmitter broadcasts a time code for our atomic clock movements to receive their time update.

    With the reception of this time code, the clock motor will set itself to accurate synchronized time, giving you a time display you can trust.

    You can take an existing clock and easily convert it into an radio-controlled clock. You only have to follow some simple steps. Step one is to ensure the atomic clock motor will fit into your existing watch.

    As you see, the dimensions of the atomic clock motor are 2 1/2" wide x 3 1/2" high x 3/4". The threaded part of the hand shaft is 1/4" and the overall shaft length is ½ inch. The threaded portion of the shaft must fit through your clock face with about 1/16" extra so you can secure the clock movement to your dial with the provided hex nut. Check Out our tech support videos for additional insights.

    The atomic clock mechanism is tuned to pick up the NIST radio time signal broadcast. Sometimes these clock movements are referred to as radio-controlled movements. There is no fee associated with receiving the radio time code. Just use this clock movement to receive the signal and enjoy accurate reliable time.

    Atomic clocks reset to the correct time by receiving the time signal transmitted by the WWVB station in Fort Collins, Colorado. The time broadcast covers the United States. When you receive your clock parts, you follow the provided instructions. It is as simple as installing the batteries and setting your time zone.

    If you need assistance selecting the correct clock parts, please go to our technical support section and view our instruction videos.  Sign into our messenger chat to get additional support or contact us.

    • Movement Total Shaft Length 1/2” threaded shaft length 1/4"
    • 4 1/8" Hour and Minute Hand set. (HND1346B-ATOM) Included
    • 4 1/2 inch red second hand (SWP1286R-FC) Included
    • Runs on one AA Battery (NOT included)
    • Works in all 4 American time zones

    Dimensions: 2-1/2” wide x 3-1/2” High x 3/4” deep