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Choosing a Replacement Movement - Interactive Form

Choosing a Replacement Movement - Interactive Form

What do you have, and do you want the same features?
It may be time only, or have a pendulum or even a chime movement. Just let us know.

Just Time Only
Time and a pendulum
Possibly a chime only
Possibly a chime with pendulum

How long is your minute hand?
Just measure from the mounting hole to the tip.

Under 5 inches
Under 7 inches
Over 7 inches

Do you have a second hand?


How long is your hand shaft?
The hand shaft sticks out from the clock movement case and holds the clock hands onto the movement. Hand shafts are available in a variety of different lengths. You will need to remove the clock hands, and then remove the movement from whatever case it is in to take this measurement. See here for reference. There is usually some type of nut under the hour hand to turn off and remove the movement. What is the shaft length overall?

Under 1/2 inch
Under 3/4 inch
Under 1 inch
Under 1 1/4 inches

Send us your information and we will get back to you with suggestions for different clock movements that may suit your needs. The final decision is yours, but it’s a lot easier this way if we narrow things down for you.

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