Indoor Tower Clock Motor

Our state of the art Indoor Tower Clock Motor meets the demand for a large wall clock. We offer this as an all inclusive kit which includes the high torque clock movement and clock hands. This could be the perfect Indoor Tower Clock Kit for you.

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The Indoor Tower Clock Kit allow you to build a interior wall clock that can make a huge impression. The clock hands are included with the clock movement. All you need to supply is two D cell batteries and a wall.

The minute hand measures 30 inches and the hour hand is 23 inches. The hands are a beautiful straight edge style. They are black in color which will work wonderfully with any dial face design.

The clock motor is high torque which will deliver the power flawlessly to drive the large hands and produces dependable reliable time. High torque movements are one of our specialties. These motors are built to provide the necessary power to ensure that accurate time is maintained. Standard quartz movements have the power to drive clock hands up to approximately seven inches.

Movements delivering extra power are not uniformed. Therefore, please check the motor's specifications and confirm that it will drive your clock hands. The motor in this particular kit is designed to drive the hands that are included in the kit.

Clock Dial Face

Large wall clocks provide you the opportunity to have many choices for your dial face. One approach is to have no markings at all, another is to use large adhesives number we have in our clock accessories section.

If you are creative you could use virtually any objects or photos for the markings. The motif that you want to create in your, Do it Yourself project may influence the objects you are going to use. For example, if you are placing this in a beach house or vacation house you may choose seashells as the markings.

The only concern when selecting objects as hour indicators is to make sure the hour hand and minute hand have the clearance to pass over the object without any hindrance.

Get started today with your project and we will be with you through the whole process with training videos, technical support and all the clock parts and accessories you need.