High Torque Movement & 14 in. Hands Kit – HGTQ71275 - HGTQ71275 - HGTQ71275


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      High Torque Movement & 14 in. Hands Kit - HGTQ71275

      We have put together a "special" on our newest 14 in. black metal spade hands and our industry standard, American made high torque movement. Now you can design your own clock in a 28 in. to 34 in. size range. This kit uses our MVT712HT & HND1475BHT-T.

      • Design your own large wall clock
      • Operates on 1 AA battery-not included
      • Includes a 14 in. black metal "spade style" hands (2)
      • Hand shaft for clock faces up to 3/8" thick
      • Movement Dimensions: 2 1/8 in. square by 5/8 in. thick

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