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Choosing a Chime Movement


Modern battery operated chime movements can be easily installed and give you years of trouble free, accurate service. While most of our chime movements sound the Westminster Chime (chime of Big Ben in London), combinations with Whittington,  Ave Maria or Bim-bam are also available. All of these chime movements have varying features such as the chime pattern and the length of the hand shaft.  For more information on checking the length of the hand shaft, Please see this article. demonstrates  its industry leadership skills by having the only website that allows you to actually hear the different chime movements. This is the new industry standard and unique to All of our chime movements include a FREE choice of hour and minute hands, and come with a 3 year replacement warranty. Please pay careful attention to the details listed with each movement. Some are only  available with one shaft length, but the length of a long hand shaft used may be shortened by something as simple as adding some washers from your local hardware store over the hand shaft before installation. Other chime movements have volume controls, night strike shut-offs, remote speakers and other features. Remote speakers give the best sound because you can do an effective speaker installation yourself by installing the speaker into the best position for your clock case. Some of our chime movements are only available with a pendulum feature. If you like the features of a chime movement that has a pendulum, but you don’t need one, Just leave the pendulum swinging arm in its shipping position, and it will not affect anything except increasing battery life of the clock movement. Battery operated quartz […]