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First Time Clock Repair


First Time Clock RepairBasic battery operated clock repair can be relatively easy if you just remember two things; clock parts are not as standardized as you would think, and many clock movements look alike, as they a just a small, normally about 2-1/8″ square black box.. Trying to cross reference any part numbers that may be on the back of the movement can also be a problem because there is no cross referencing guide and some companies that export into the U.S. actually put the same part number on several versions of the same clock movement, which can further confuse the issue. The good news is that as long as you can measure to within a sixteenth of an inch (1/16″) then you can replace a clock movement. The primary consideration is the length of the hand shaft, which contains the hour, minute and second hand shafts, and you need to know how thick the clock dial material is on your clock case when measured at the center hole of the clock dial. You can put a pencil through this hole, mark the front and the back, then pull it out and measure with a ruler to get the clock dial thickness. Get the right ruler:Please reference the two rulers shown below (Drawing A). If the ruler you have has a “lip” at the end, it will not give you accurate measurements. You need to use a ruler with a “zero point” at the end. Most AA Powered Clock Movements Look About The Same (Drawing B):Most AA battery powered clock movements basically look about the same from the back. Most of these AA battery powered movements are either 2-1/8″ square […]