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Do I need to get new clock hands?


Assume yes. Most of our clock movements (or motors) include a FREE choice of clock hands for a good reason. The high torque movements are the exception, as the large hands vary in price. The problem is that the mounting holes in clock hands are not well standardized, and the holes are hard to measure. The tolerance is plus or minus 0.002”. The drawings of the hole shapes and sizes are listed at the top of every opening page to a group of clock hands. We want you to have this information. If your old hands actually fit our movements, then buy a lottery ticket, as it’s your lucky day.

Clock hand size and style are an important consideration. Please remember that most styles of clock hands are easy to trim to a shorter length. Our black color hands are made of aluminum, so they can normally be trimmed with a good pair of scissors. Gold color hands are actually a brass clad steel, so trimming may require a pair of tin snips. Clock hands are measured by the minute hand only (the long one), from the center of the mounting hole to the tip.

Ornate styles like the Serpentine below cannot be trimmed much at all. The more plain rectangular or Spade styles are easy to trim to shorter length. See the hands below:




Repairing an old clock does not have to be difficult at all. Just have all the parts handy, and a good ruler, and give us a call at 1-888-827-3787, ext.#300 with any questions you may have.