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Choosing Clock Hands For A Replacement Movement


This simple step is often overlooked. Lot’s of people think whatever clock hands they have, will fit a new movement. Not usually true. The mounting holes are not standardized. So, if you already have the clock hands, you can just choose a similar length and style from us. If you do not have hands, then a few simple rules should be followed so you can correctly choose what you need from us.

It all starts with measuring the diameter of the clock face, or clock dial:

Take a look at this clock dial. If yours looks similar, then measure to between the 2 parallel lines outside of the 3:00 and 9:00 positions, and divide in half. Or you can measure from the center of the clock dial, To in between these 2 parallel lines, and now you know the length of your minute hand. You do not have to be exact, but be within a ¼”. It is also possible to trim hands to a shorter length. You only measure the minute hand from the mounting to the tip, so do not be concerned about the length of the hour hand, as it is typically 2/3 of the length of the minute hand. All of our hour and minute hands are sold by the pair.

You can also use press on numbers to make your clock dial. See the set of 4 digits below (12, 3, 6 &9)

Normally you would select hands that would come to about the middle of the numbers, but there is no set rule. You can also use almost anything you want to act as “numbers” or “indicators”. Try our Gold Roman or Arabic (regular) adhesive backed numbers, our metal or plastic clock dials, buttons, wood toy wheels, nuts & washers, dried flowers, upholstery tacks, poker chips or dice, seashells, stones, bottle caps, photos, almost any small object. Just be creative!