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Large Clocks


If you want to make or repair large clocks, then is the place to be.

We sell the best and most powerful high torque clock movements in the business. We have 2 shaft lengths of our American Made AA Battery powered high torque movement and 2 shaft lengths of our imported C battery High torque movement, as well as pendulum and continuous sweep models. The best selection anywhere. All of these models feature our exclusive Extended Minute Hand Shaft. This feature allows an increased space between the hour and minute hand, which is helpful when trying to properly align the 2 hands. We are making it easy!

Our high torque movements can run hands as large as 17-3/4”. This will allow you to repair or use with clocks up to 40” in diameter, depending on the layout of the numbers. If you are repairing a large clock, it is general best to order new hands with a high torque movement as the hole sizes in clock hands are not standardized. You can see the clock hand mounting hole sizes at:

If they match what you have, then you will be able to use your old clock hands. If using your old hands, please check to make sure that your minute hand (the longer one) is balanced. This is easily done by placing the mounting hole on your fingertip to see if the hand is balanced. If it lays there flat then it’s balanced, if it tilts or falls off, then it’s not balanced. Large minute hands can be balanced by using small amounts of latex caulk on the back.

If you would like to wall mount our high torque movements on the surface of a wall, we have surface mounting cups for both AA and C Cell powered high torque movements. Click here to view our two piece C cell mounting cups.

We also have self-adhesive 4”stick on numbers, in both Roman and Arabic (regular) that are designed for a lot any smooth surface.

Another tip for numbers for large clocks are “house numbers” you can buy at major hardware stores.

Our high torque movements are not designed for exterior use. They may be used outdoors when not directly exposed to the elements (under a roof or awning) but will operate irregularly when temperatures reach 0 degrees Fahrenheit.