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Pendulum Clock Kit

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Pendulum Clock Kit

Price is 60% off!

Click here to see an example of a standard pendulum

Here is a great deal on a good quality mini quartz pendulum movement with an antique brass pendulum! This compact pendulum movement can be used for repairs or building new clocks. The price of this pendulum movement with "press on" hands includes the black 3-7/8" hands shown below and the brass hex nut, washer and a 16" adjustable antique brass pendulum with a 2-1/8" pendulum bob. Everything you need to create or repair an antique looking clock.

These classic black serpentine hands are 3-7/8" long and the perfect complement to the antique brass pendulum being offered. The design of these hands allows you to trim them by up to ½" to adjust to different size clock dials. No other hand styles are available for this great antique pendulum movement special.

  • Compact Size
  • Antique Brass Pendulum
  • Maximum Dial Thickness 3/16"
  • Operates On 1 AA battery (not included)
  • One Year Guarantee
  • Black 3-7/8" Hour, Minute & Second Hands Included

3-3/8" high x 2-1/8" wide x 5/8" deep

1/4" threaded shaft length (for use with a 3/16" maximum dial thickness)
1/2" overall shaft length (add apx. 1/8" for the height of the second hand)

This movement design has the pendulum hanger 5/8" below the case of the movement and it also has a 5/16" high "mounting stud" on the top of the pendulum hanger. This will allow you to glue a small, lightweight second novelty pendulum to the top of the movement if desired. The maximum pendulum weight for this movement is 2 ounces.


$6.99 each MVTFC12PAA

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