Indoor Tower Clock Kit


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    Model #: HTSUPMV-KIT

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      Indoor Tower Clock Kit

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      Check out our Super High Torque Motor and Hands kit that gives the word “BIG” a new meaning. Over the years, we have received numerous requests for a motor and hands set that could be used to build an oversized wall clock 4-6 feet in size.

      Motor Spec Image:
      Height: 4 1/2" Width: 2 1/2" or Height: 114.3 mm Width: 63.5 mm

      The time has come and we have the parts to help you make or repair the clock of your dreams.

      This clock kit is perfect for a huge art clock or a large tower wall clock for your home. We sell this Indoor clock only as a kit and it includes the motor and the hands.

      The motor is unique in that it operates on 2 D cell batteries. You can find the perfect location for your clock without any worry about running electrical power.  Forget the wires and simply use batteries to power your Super Big Clock!

      The convenient ON/OFF switch enables you to easily set the time. Please review our spec sheets on both the motor and set of clock hands to make sure this kit is for you.

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      The hour and minute hands are just as impressive as the motor. The total length of the minute hand is 30 inches, while the total hour hand length is 23 inches. You will be very hard pressed to find anything comparable in the industry.

      DIY Wall Clocks

      This DIY wall clock kit is a simple and fun project. It is a perfect addition to our clock kits and is easy to install. It can be the perfect and unique extra home décor project that will make a wonderful presentation.

      Extra Large Decorative Wall Clocks

      Sometimes you need to make a statement with your “Do It Yourself” project and extra large decorative wall clocks make that statement! This particular kit makes a BIG statement.

      It will impress your friends and family.

      It allows you to use your creativity to add that special touch. You can use anything or nothing as the number indicators on the clock face. For example, you can use photos of pets, people or places. You could use any type of object or memorabilia.

      We are always available to answer your questions with our technical support team and please don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and get our latest “How To” videos. We have many clock repair videos on our website.